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Shop refurbishment - Phase 2

Once we have agreed the layout of the unit, we then recommend the best location for your electrical points and outlets. 


By detemining the room sizes and layout, we can pinpoint where best to put the openings for your light fittings, sockets etc. We will then feed the wiring behind the walls, ceilings and floors to make an 'invisible' network of cabling which will ultimately supply your electrical points.


Many clients are amazed at the amount of cabling is required as so much of it is hidden in walls and ducting. In some cases the visible cables are also long (you can see them looped and hanging from the ceiling in these images).


A lot of recent projects request LED downlights and audio-visual points, which can add to your costs as there is increased preparation required (more holes to drill, more cabling used and more actual fittings used), but on the plus side this may mean - cheaper utility costs and a more aesthetically pleasing look to your finished project.


We always work with minimal mess and wasteage, so don't be surprised if you see us cleaning up as we work and also retaining lengths of cable for use later on in the project.





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