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Our #2 Quick Fix for home owners was to renew a faulty cooker, which did not work when used by the occupants. Upon inspection we were shocked to see that both of the connections for the cooker were not only faulty but clearly unsafe. 


The wall socket was compromised by poor connections and the use of electrical tape on live wiring. To compound the problem, we also found the cooker wiring to be both exposed and damaged beyond what is acceptable. 


The occupants were unaware of this and were extremely grateful we not only identified the faults but were able to provide a fix on the same visit - and at a price that reflected the cost of the works. Once we had ensured the cooker was tested and in working order, we were able to allow the occupants to use the cooker again.


We also reminded them of the need to check their appliances periodically for signs of damage and to call us if they needed further assistance or were unsure about the safety of any appliance or circuit in their home in the future.  


Whatever the task, our clients know we pride ourselves on doing a great job. Contact us now to join our growing portfolio of happy clients.


Quick Fix 2 -
Renewing faulty cooker connections
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