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Maintenance & Cyclical work

A large number of our clients recognise the benefits of introducing periodic testing and inspection of their electrical installations, and we agree. We see this preventative approach as a way to reduce medium and long term costs; ensure continuity of business activities and also as a way to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees and visitors. 


WattsUp have taken this a step further and introduced an additional service combined with the standard periodic inspections. We offer our clients an inclusive package which provides you with priority attendance options in the event of an emergency or short notice request to carry out works.


In addition to your electrical maintenance package we can agree a set number of callouts per year as part of your overall inclusive contract. This ensures you have access to us when we carry out our inspections and also if you need us in a hurry. 


Correcting poorly maintained electrical goods and wiring can often prove costly and is an unnecessary risk - you can trust us and our work will be guaranteed, so your investment in a contract will provide you with added reassurance that WattsUp will support your business requirements. 


If parts are needed we will discuss the costs with you before we purchase and where possible we will try to find alternative options, especially when parts are obsolete.


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