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Finished Project - Final Phase

After much preparation and planning, followed by installation works, we were able to complete all works on time and within budget. The images above show the completed premises and the lighting choices of our client. 


As you can see we were involved in a multi-contractor project and being involved before the project commenced allowed us to ensure all wiring, components and fittings were in place at the correct time in the project, our personnel knew their tasks well in advance and all work undertaken was delivered to a high standard. 


We are great at helping to organise the workflows and keep things moving. We were able to help coordinate works at this site to ensure the expected 'last minute rush' was unnecessary. Needless to say we were pleased our client could open the doors to the public on time and the project was delivered within budget. 


A positive outcome is not an exception, but actually represents that way we deliver our projects. We feel as proud as our clients when they get to show off the results of their investment. 


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